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Draft Programme Timetable

DANGER! DANGER! WARNING WILL ROBINSON! - The timetable below is indicitive only - but getting closer to final. The only official programme is the one included with your con pack. Keep an eye on the noticeboard at reception for any changes to it.

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Last Updated Saturday 25th May 2002 - version 100.

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

FRIDAY - 31st May 2002

Time   Dorset Cornish Glenbervie


2-3 Registration - in the concourse outside the convention rooms on the first floor of the West Plaza Hotel  

3-4 The Future of Science Fiction
Richard Scheib, Charles Brown
4-5 Living with a Writer
Joe and Gay Haldeman
World Building
Ross Temple

5-6 Your first con?
Con Artistes
Dining in Wellington
Laurie Fleming, Ross Temple
Star Wars II - Action- packed spectacular or just crap.
Lynelle Howell, Dale Elvy, Yvonne Harrison, Richard Scheib


This Pointless Thing Called Life 1

7-8   Opening Ceremony

8-9   The Meekest Link
Terminator Productions

Furries and their Fans talk and eat  Chocolate
June Young
9-10   Fantique Roadshow
Yvonne Harrison, Kevin Slagter, Matt Morris and other experts.
 Pyjama Party featuring  
FFANZ Auction 



Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

SATURDAY - 1st June 2002

Time Dorset Cornish Glenbervie
9-10 Floating Market  Where do you get your ideas from?
Joe Haldeman

Build a wind machine

10-11 Body FX demonstration 

Floating Market

 Writing SF in 3 easy steps - and 17 difficult ones...
Joe, Stephen and Lucy
11-12 Body FX demonstration 

Charity Auction 

Liquorice Allsorts
Lucy Sussex

Guest of Honour speech
Joe Haldeman 

Babylon Babblings
Jane Killick
1-2 Tag Wrestling
Gay Haldeman
Living in an Anime World
Jessica and Samantha
Lost gems of SF&F Literature
Matt from Bizy Bees
2-3 Diary of an Almost Famous Person - GoH speech
Yvonne Harrison
Behind Armegeddon
Bill Geradts
Filking 101
Brian Howell
3-4 Comics
Craig Mabon
How to maim and kill your characters
Dale Elvy, Stephen Dedman, Yvonne Harrison
Cult TV
Jenny Hammond
4-5 Guest of Honour speech
Lucy Sussex
What makes horror horror?
Stephen Dedman, Alan Robson, Richard Scheib
LotR Fan Fiction
Geraldine Stokes, Kathryn McKay, Elaine Kemp
5-6 Banquet setup Elf Ears and Hobbit Feet
Norman Cates
An afternoon filk with Joe
Joe Haldeman 
6-7 Reviewing
Charles Brown, Alan Robson, Joe Haldeman, Stephen Dedman

 This Pointless Thing Called Life 2

7-8 Banquet

The Bearded Triffid meets the Opinionated Bitch

Mystery Science Theatre 3000
Jamas Enright

Glenbervie becomes 
The Fan lounge

9-10 Harry Potter, inheriting the crown?
Alan, Lynelle, Dale
The Broderick Wells Multi Media Quiz
Quizmaster Stephen Litten With assistance from Ross Temple, Lloyd Parkes and Richard Scheib


10-11 Soap Box 
Your opportunity for a rant

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

SUNDAY - 2nd June

Time Dorset Cornish Third Room  
9-10 Self-editing your manuscript
Lesley Marshall
Business Session pt 1
Ideas and Opinions
Mage Knight Tournament
10-11 On getting published
Dale Elvy 
Business Session pt 2
Running the Awards

Writer's Workshop
11-12 Writing fan fiction
Yvonne Harrison
Art Panel
Joe Haldeman, Phil

The Natural History of the Triffid
Alan Robson GoH speech

This Pointless Thing Called Life 3



1-2 Amateur Rocketry
The stories we can tell from LotR
Norman Cates, Mary Mac
2-3 The Girls, the Boys and the Confused in Anime
Jessica and Samantha
Gay Haldeman and Charles Brown interview each other. 


Glenberview becomes 
The Fan lounge

3-4 Guest of Honour speech
Dan Hennah
Modern SF is dull
A discussion - Alan Robson
4-5 Phoenix Astronomical Society SF War Gaming  The Anatomy of Anthropomorphism
Cocktail party at Dymocks

Joe, Lucy, Dale

5-6 True Toy Stories
Renaldo the party sheep - his Guest of Honour Speech
Scratch costuming Dr Who Through the Ages
Bill Geradts and other Dr Who fans



Cabaret /


June Young

Scratch Costuming
Masquerade collection



 Glenberview becomes 
The Fan lounge

8-9 Masquerade collection



Awards Ceremony



Rocky Horror Interactive

The golden yesterdays of NZ conventions
Graham Edge, and others...
Geraldine Stokes, Kathryn McKay, Elaine Kemp

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

MONDAY - 3rd June

Time Dorset Cornish Third Room
9-10 Business Session pt 3
Planning and Actions


What we did on our hols 
Joe Haldeman, Gay Haldeman, Alan Robson.
Creativity Exercise
Aline Homes


10-11 Business Session pt 4
including 2004 Con vote

Clubs presentations
Discussion on future of clubs

Spaceflight Association
The International Spacestation

Good bits in crap SF films
Richard Scheib, Peter Friend 

International Fandom
Jane Killick, Gay Haldeman, Claire McKenna
Cherry Wilder Celebration
Lyn McConchie
12-1 US Fandom
Lucy Schmeidler, Janice Gelb
e-publish or disappear
Joe Haldeman, Lucy Sussex, Stephen Dedman, Dale Elvy, Yvonne Harrison

This Pointless Thing Called Life 4

1-2 Closing Ceremony


Dead dog at the bar in the hotel
The future of New Zealand Science Fiction

Friday Saturday Sunday Monday

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