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Joe and Gay Haldeman

Joe & Gay Halderman We are very proud to confirm that Joe and Gay Haldeman will be attending our convention. Joe is a major figure in the field. Read about his latest award for poetry here.

Gay always attends Cons with Joe and is a major personality in her own right. If you want to know more then have a look at Joe Haldeman's home page.

It has to be said that Joe has written a few pretty good books...

WAR YEAR (short novel) 1972
COSMIC LAUGHTER (anthology) 1974
THE FOREVER WAR (novel) 1975
MINDBRIDGE (novel) 1976
PLANET OF JUDGMENT (Star Trek novel) 1977
STUDY WAR NO MORE (anthology) 1977
INFINITE DREAMS (short story collection) 1978
WORLD WITHOUT END (Star Trek novel) 1979
WORLDS (novel) 1981
WORLDS APART (novel) 1983
NEBULA AWARDS 17 (anthology) 1983
DEALING IN FUTURES (short story collection) 1985
TOOL OF THE TRADE (novel) 1987
BUYING TIME (novel) 1989
THE HEMINGWAY HOAX (short novel) 1990
VIETNAM AND OTHER ALIEN WORLDS (essays, fiction, poetry) 1993
1968 (novel) 1994
SAUL'S DEATH (poetry collection) 1997
FOREVER PEACE (novel) 1997
FOREVER FREE (novel) 1998
THE COMING (novel) 2000

And he has won a few awards for them...

"The Forever War" won the Hugo, Nebula, and Ditmar Awards as Best Science Fiction Novel of 1975.
"Tricentennial"won the Hugo Award for Best SF Short Story of 1976.
In 1978, "Mindbridge" won the Galaxy Award for "Science Fiction and Spirituality."
"Saul's Death" won the Rhysling Award for best science fiction poem of the year, 1983.
"The Hemingway Hoax" novella won the Hugo and Nebula Awards for Best Novella of 1990.
"The Hemingway Hoax" novel won the Italian "Futuro Remoto"Award as Best Novel of 1991.
"Eighteen Years Old, October 11th" won the Rhysling Award for 1990.
"Graves" won the World Fantasy Award and the Nebula Award for Best Short Story of 1993 .
"None So Blind" won the short story Hugo in 1995.
"Forever Peace" won the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell Awards in 1998, the first such "triple crown" in 22 years.

Joe & Gay Haldeman

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