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Fan Fiction

What to do when writing query letters gets you down

Sunday 11am - noon

Trying to become a published author but sick of reject letters? Wracked with self doubt about your ability to tell a story? Sick of writing but never having an audience? 

Fan fiction may just be the medium for you.  Sure, you'll wind up appropriating someone else's characters and universe but you still have to come up with a plot. You can also practice your prose style. Writing fan fiction gives you instant results, requires no understanding of the publication process and is (unfortunately) highly addictive.

In the session about fan fiction here's some of the topics we hope to discuss:

  1. How to handle negative feedback (or, what to do when your critic can't spell).
  2. How to handle glowing feedback.
  3. The temptations of romance writing. (Yes, Janeway/ Chakotay writers get far more fan mail but really, is it worth it?)
  4. How to tell if you're a Feedback Slut.
  5. Your competition in the fan fiction world. (If you can spell, you're 90% ahead of the rest.)
  6. Posting to newsgroups.
  7. Other ways to get your story into circulation (mailing lists, yahoo groups and assorted Web sites).
  8. Writing 'canon' fan fiction versus 'alternate universe' fan fiction.
  9. Slash. (A brief description. If you're interested in writing slash there will be a workshop for this genre.)
  10. What is a Mary Sue and why should I be ashamed of myself if I write one?
  11. How to wean yourself off writing fan fiction when you get hooked.

Yvonne Harrison will be taking the workshop. Writing Trek fan fiction under the name of Fanfic Chick, the following stories have been awarded Web awards for fan fiction:

Yet More Voyager Christmas Decorations for 1999
Second Place Best Voyager Parody - alt.startrek.creative (ASC) 1999 Awards 

Mr. Blinky Pays a Visit
Selected as part of the October 2000 Fanfic Recommendations on Voyager Adventure Logs

Casual Fridays.
Second Place, Best Humor/Parody - alt.startrek.creative (ASC) 2000 Awards 

The Ultimate Mary Sue
Winner ASC 1999 Awards: Best Voyager Humour for her story

Ashes to Ashes

  • Second Place, Best Featured Character - alt.startrek.creative (ASC) Awards, 2000
  • Selected as part of the October 2000 Fanfic Recommendations on Voyager Adventure Logs
  • Feature on Best of Trek Web site


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