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Settlers of Catan Tournament Rules

Click here for WORD version.

There will be a Settlers of Catan (herinafter referred to as SoC) tournament over the period of 'Con with the Wind'

The tournament will take the following form:

  • There will be four sessions of games scheduled over the weekend (days and times are subject to change. Before the convention, check for the latest changes on this page and on the draft programme page. Please consult the whiteboard at the convention.)

    Day and time of session (as of April 25th)
    Friday31st May 2002 10pm - midnight
    Saturday 1st June 2002 11am - 1pm
    Saturday 1st June 2002 9pm - 11pm
    Sunday 2nd June 2002 noon - 2pm


  • During these sessions, while other games may be played in the room assigned to gaming, SoC tournament games will take precedence

What you need to do if you want to take part

  1. Register your interest. Registrations will be accepted up to the beginning of the second tournament session but pre-registration is preferred and gives you a better chance of getting a game in the sessions you want.
  2. Indicate, as soon as possible, which sessions you would like to play in.

The rules of the games played in the tournament will be those printed in the original Mayfair edition (the Geman Translation rules), with the variant rules as stated below.

The choice of this rule set was made because these rules are less ambiguous than the later editions, and are also supported by the "Almanac".

The rules of the tournament are as follows :

  1. To qualify to enter the tournament you must
    1. be a paid up attendee of the convention or a convention guest.
    2. register your interest in the tournament
    3. take part in at least two tournament SoC game.

  2. While the organizers will make every endeavour to ensure that players get to play their two games during the sessions of their choice, this cannot be guaranteed. If you are unable to attend a game that you need to attend in order to qualify for the tournament, then (unfortunately) you will be disqualified.
  3. Each game will have four players.
    It is allowable that up to two players in a game will not be tournament players. This is to allow for odd numbers of tournament players being available in a particular session.
    These non-tournament players must be approved by the adjudicator
    Players will be assigned to games based on their availability at the start of each session.
    Preference will be given to players who have indicated that they wish to play in a particular session, but for this to happen such players must be present within ten minutes of the start of the session.
  4. Each game session will have an assigned hex layout and all games in that session will use the same layout
  5. Each game will be played until any one player reaches at least ten victory points or until the time limit of 90 minutes has been reached.
    If the time limit of 90 minutes is reached, play is to continue until each player has had an equal number of turns. Alacrity in finishing those turns would be appreciated.
    If the winning condition of 10 victory points is achieved after the time limit is invoked then game finishes on the turn of the winning player, even if the requirement for each player to have had an equal number of turns has not been met.
    Note : A player may finish their turn once they have reached 10 victory points. In other words, any legal action the player can make in their winning turn may be made before the game finishes, allowing players to win the game with more than 10 victory points.
  6. Victory points at the end of a game will be totalled for each player. Victory points will be assigned as follows (basically the normal game victory points) :

    1 VP per settlement
    2 VP per city
    VP Discovery Cards as marked
    2 VP for Longest road with at least five road segments
    2 VP Largest army of at least three knights

    The following special tie-breaking points will also be recorded :
    1 TBP for second longest road
    1 TBP for second largest army
    1 TBP for largest road if not at least five road segments
    1 TBP for largest army if not equal to or greater than three knights.
    1 TBP for the most cities
    1 TBP for the most settlements
    Tie-breaking points, if any are awarded, will be used to determine the winner of the tournament in the event of two or more participants having the same total number of victory points for the tournament.
  7. The winner of the tournament will be the player with the highest total number of points scored over the two highest scoring games they have played.
    Thus, you only need to take part in two games to win, and partaking in others only gives you a chance to get a higher score, it doesn't guarantee additional points.
    As there are only four sessions, you may take part in a maximum of four games
  8. The following variant rules will be played :
    1. In the first two complete turns (rounds) any roll of "7" is ignored and rolled again. This implies that the Robber will not 'appear' until at least the third turn.
    2. A player who rolls '7' may refuse to move the Robber, but if so they forfeit their right to steal a resource as well. "Moving" the robber means that it must end up in a hex other than the one it started in when '7' was rolled. If not, the rolling player is assumed to have activated this rule.


  1. At any time, should the adjudicator determine a player is attempting to waste time during her turn, the adjudicator may deduct a victory point or points from that player's total.
    The ajudicator may also give offical warnings, placing players on notice that further transgressions will result in points loss.
  2. At any time, should the adjudicator determine a player is playing or acting contrary to the spirit of the game or is using unfair means to extract benefit in the game, she may deduct victory points from that player. Continued breaches of this rule may result in disqualification as well.
  3. If, in the adjudicator's opinion, a player is detected cheating, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.


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