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Mage Knight Tournament

Sunday 9am - 10am

Basically this will be a simple roleplaying race.

This event is kid friendly, although we ask that children under 10 are accompanied by an adult.

  1. The Mage Knight tournament will be played using Dungeon rules, with the Game Master as final arbiter.
  2. The Game Master will not have a figure, but will control all wandering monsters and mage spawn throughout the game
  3. Rules for experience and gaining levels will not be used during this game
  4. All characters below or equal to 25 points from all Mage Knight variations are welcome
  5. A range of characters will be made available to people who do not have their own.
  6. People may play only one character
  7. When all four chests have been opened (or the time is up), the winner(s) will be the one(s) with the largest treasure.

Read more about Mage Knight at


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