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The Charity Auction

At least half of the proceeds from the charity auction will be going to the convention charity, the Cloud 9 Children's Foundation for children with Asperger's Syndrome.

The auction items are unique and collectable items kindly donated by friends, sponsors and guests of the convention.

Here are some of the items we have collected so far.

1974 Tolkien Calendar

The 1976 Hobbit Calendar

The War of the Ring board game from 1977

1:6 Weta Orc Overseer statue with signed base

Windows XP Upgrade

Dungeon Seige

Star Trek Klingon Cruiser Kit Set

Lord of the Rings Poster

Signed Jason Carter Poster

Sandals from Planet of the Apes film - with certificate of authenticity

Signed Alan Lee Print

(small part shown in detail)

Lifesize Hobbit Cardboard Display

Star Trek Final Draft Script
"All Good Things"

Star Trek Final Draft Script

Tribe Books

Tribe Videos

Tribe Beanie

Tribe pictures

Tribe pictures

Tribe pictures

Tribe videos and CD

Star wars posters

Star Wars II Poster

Lord of the Rings signed poster

Cloud 9 tapes not seen in NZ

Farscape figures, tshirt and cap

Farscape figures

Tribe and William Tell costumes

And there's more...

Mercedes Lackey jewellry

A deluxe boxed illustrated edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy/The Hobbit


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