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Events at the Con

Apart from the scheduled events in the draft detail programme timetable, there will be other activities taking place throughout the convention:

  • Dealers - hucksters tables will be running every day in the dealer's room.
  • Video stream - videos will be showing on the in-house video system for almost all of the convention.
  • Signings - a series of book signing sessions will be arranged for all of our guests.
  • Room Parties - informal social events held in hotel rooms, corridors etc - everyone welcome.
  • Guides to the city - we can direct you to the best of booksellers, comics shops, eating establishments etc.
  • Help desk - the registration / help desk will be staffed at well publicized times throughout the con.

If there is anything else you would like to run then we would love to hear from you. We are always open to suggestions and new ideas. This con is for you so get into it.

Amateur Rocketry Have you ever wanted to launch a rocket? What a buzz!
Anime We have two Animé sessions by Jessica and Samantha, both multi media presentations not to be missed.
The first is 'Living in an Animé World'.

The second is "The Boys, the Girls, and the... um." which is a PG13 production! Read more...
Auctions There are two auctions this year - the FFANZ Auction and the Charity Auction.
Audio stream This Pointless Thing Called Life, an audionovel written and performed entirely by electronic lifeforms.
Award Ceremony "I want to thank the academy and my producer and my director and my mother and father and all the little people who made it possible". The winners of the annual Sir Julius Vogel awards will be announced.
Babes and hunks of Science Fiction In this totally 'not politically correct' event, you get the chance to vote (or shout, catcall and/or whistle) for your fave babe or hunk. Look at the pictures and nominate your favourite.
Banquet Oh yes there will be food. You do have to buy a ticket.
BodyFX Nicole from BodyFX is back from doing her European thing and will be giving us a demonstration of her special effects in body painting. Read more, see the pictures...
Books that should be Films A panel discussion with  Gay Haldeman, and Yvonne Harrison
Business Session pt 1 - Presenting the National Organisation At OdysseyCon, a mandate was given to Norman to set up a national body to administer the convention process. The debate has been going on ever since. Here is your chance to see what the results have been and present your considered opinion or expose your prejudices before voting.
Business Session pt 2 - Running the National Awards As part of the debate on the National Organisation, is the decision on the shape of the national awards. Again, hear the results of the debates and express your opinions.
Business Session pt 3 - Ratification of the National Body This is the hard work session. We attempt to ratify the outcomes of the National Organisation debate. Here is where we vote, plan and assign the responsibilities. A warning in advance: This is a waffle free zone.
Business Session pt 4 - 2004 Con vote After all the momentous bits of the other business sessions, this will be more familiar to regular con goers. This is where Voting on the 2004 bids and any other bits of administrivia which may arise are dealt with.
Building a wind machine No, it doesn't have to be a windmill. Just something that has some part that the wind will effect - a castle with some flags would be fine. Come and look at the junk we have collected and see what you could build with it. A team event.
Cherry Wilder Celebration On the 14th March 2002, Cherry Wilder died. At the con we will be having a celebration of her life and work. Our thanks to Lyn McConchie for coordinating this.
Closing Ceremony Where we get to say goodbye and give out prizes!
Clubs Presentations Have you enjoyed the fan experience at this convention? Why not continue it all year at one of the clubs. Hear what they have to say.
Craig Mabon Comics! Boy does Craig know a lot about them! And what's more he is fascinating when he talks about them. If you do not know what the source of the interest in this medium is, then come listen to Craig - you may just get an insight.
Cult TV Jenny Hammond delves into the depths of the depths of TV.
Dealer's Room The Dealer's Room is on the ground floor at the West Plaza. Here we have arranged some dealers, and we will be organising guest readings and signings. Yet another 'place to be' at the con.
Dining in Wellington Laurie Fleming takes you on a virtual tour of all the best dining spots within walking distance of the con venue.
Dymocks Cocktail Party This is becoming a regular Wellington con event, and very welcome it is too. We walk a short way to Dymocks store where we join some of the public, and are royally entertained by Dymocks champagne, orange juice and nibblies, while some of our guests make short talks and are available for signings of their books. Spot prizes are offered which on their own make this event worth the short walk.
Fantique Roadshow We collect some experts, you raid your attic, basement or toy cupboard for those gems you forgot you had. Put the two together, and we may have gold! 
Filking This year we have in addition to the impromptu late night filking
  • Filking 101 with Brian Howell 
  • Filking with Joe Haldeman our international writing guest of honour
Floating Market Do you have stuff to sell but not enough to take a dealers stall? Bring it along here to the market. Looking for a bargain? Come and have a look.
Lost gems of SF literature Matt from Artie Bees leads us in this discussion.
Furry Fans Chocolate Sampling and Get Together Session All you furry members and your special human friends should come along and introduce yourselves to each other in this informal chocolate and get together session.
Gaming A Settlers tournament.
Golden Yesterdays of Conventions With the warm glow of time, join our panelists looking back at those memorable moments, when guests were real guests, panels were real panels, and we were all that little bit younger. The bar will be open! 
Guest of Honour Speeches All our Guests of Honour will have a spot where they will entertain and amaze you!
  • Joe Haldeman
  • Gay Haldeman runs Tag Wrestling
  • Dan Hennah goes behind the scenes of Lord of the Rings set design and building
  • Lucy Sussex
  • Charles Brown is interviewed by Gay Haldeman and reveals all...
  • Alan Robson gives us 'The natural History of the Triffid'
  • Yvonne Harrison
  • Renaldo the party sheep in a multi media extravaganza - 'True Toy Stories'
Guest of Honour Readings and Signings These will be held in the Dealer's room, which we have kept only half full of Dealers
Late Night Filking Drop in and sing along in this informal filk session.
Lord of the Rings We are running a number of Lord of the Rings items during the con
  • Dan Hennah's Guest of Honour Speech
  • Norman Cates - 'Elf Ears and Hobbit Feet'
  • A panel - 'The stories we can tell' with Dan and Norman
  • Lord of the Rings Fan Fiction with Geraldine and Elaine with readings from some surprise guests.
Masquerade Costumes parade. Come and see the costumes, or better yet make one and participate.
Meekest Link, The Lorraine Williams has organised this revenge to end all game shows. With Richard Manx as the front man, and huge prizes to be won, anything could happen. An exciting way to start the convention!  Read more...
Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Jamas Enright enthralls and astounds us.
Opening Ceremony Where we get to say hello and you get to know us.
Pajama Party We are determined to finish it this time! Featuring
  • Taste testing - can you tell the real thing?
  • Babes and Hunks of SF - vote for your fave
Quiz - The Broderick Wells Multi Media Quiz Yes there will be a quiz - start swotting up now. This year Stephen Litten will be hosting it, and the bar will be open! 
Registration You must be registered to attend this convention. The registration desk will be set up in the concourse outside the main convention rooms.
Scratch Costuming Don't have a costume for the masquerade - why not make one from whatever you can find lying about.
Soap Box Here's where you get your couple of minutes of fame. Let us know what you really think. The bar will be open! 
Spaceflight Association The International Space Station is becoming a reality. Hear and see the latest developments at this slide presentation from David Maclennan of the Spaceflight Association.
Tag Wrestling Gay Haldeman will be running this competitive team story telling game. Huge fun to participate in or watch.
United States fandom We are collecting together some of the Americans we find at the con, putting them in one room at the same time, so we can ask them about what really happens at United States cons. Sure to be revealing and entertaining.
Writing Stream Items requested and organised by writers
  • 'Where do you get your Ideas' - Joe Haldeman
  • 'Licorice Allsorts' - Lucy Sussex
  • 'Self Editing your Manuscript' - Lesley Marshall
  • 'Getting Published' - Dale Elvy
  • 'Writing Fan Fiction' - Yvonne Harrison
Writers Workshop Lucy Sussex and Stephen Dedman are both running these master class. Places are now closed.
Your First Con? Conventions 101. Not sure what this convention thing is all about? The Con Artistes tell you what to expect.


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