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The Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand (FFANZ) is a fund designed to assist fans to travel across the Tasman to attend the national conventions. In 1998, Renaldo was elected to be the fan recipient of this honour for that year. He attended Construction that year in Wellington. Renaldo was a hugely worthy ambassador for fandom and his appearances at Construction and Cond'or were of great note. It is therefore no surprise that he is now a guest of honour at C.W.T.W. A role model for all furry fans, Renaldo is hoping that he will serve as an example to other soft toys and hope that they will join him in Wellington in 2002.

Renaldo's favourite pastime is to socialise with other fans, which he will do at any party or convention. He is also more than prepared to stay up all night to watch videos. A significant number of photographs exist to testify to his penchant to party way too hard and drink far too much. However Renaldo's stamina to party all night is unmatched. He has been known to be the only attendee left standing at the tail end of a convention. He loves being hugged and enjoys exposure to the great outdoors. Renaldo always has time for people who are his friends. He does not like to be thrown.

Renaldo is often seen in the company of Frances Papworth and Phil Wlodarczyk.


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